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Stuart Robertson was born in Kent in 1962 and moved to London in 1981. He studied at both Maidstone and Wimbledon Schools of Art and worked as an Illustrator undertaking many notable commissions for commercial publications including Penguin Random House, The New Scientist, and The Times Publications.

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In 1984 Stuart visited India where he travelled extensively, working on-site in Watercolour and Pen & Ink. Stuart relocated to New Delhi in 1989 to take up the position of Head of Illustration at The Times of India and had three major solo shows during this time at The British Council and The Art Today Gallery.

Having returned to London in 1996 he became a member of the Royal Watercolour Society, and now exhibits regularly at The Bankside and Piers Feetham Gallery.

Stuart is currently living in Vancouver BC, Canada but his home is in London and he regularly travels between the two cities.

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